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Candidate stories

Silmi Silmi
Philomena Philomena
Ebenezer Ebenezer
Silmi Rosy
Field Ready Complete
2019 programme, Mozambique

I joined Field Ready right after I graduated from university. I had to move to another city (Nampula), so that I could be part of the course that Field Ready was offering. At the beginning it was not easy for me, but I did my best and I was always focused on what was my main goal when I joined the program – “to obtain skills and experiences”.

For nine months I had the opportunity to obtain skills that helped me to have a closer and clearer vision of what the work environment really is within large companies, something that helped me a lot, especially in the selection and interview process for the company in which I currently work at.

I currently work in the supply chain management division of BP Mozambique and feel professionally fulfilled. I am sure that I have the necessary skills to continue to develop my career and become a role model for many people around me.

Silmi Rosy