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By joining Field Ready I learnt skills none of my peers had or knew they needed. They trained me and connected me with employers to secure a great job.
Ana Jéssica Cajingue
Mozambique Field Ready Alumni, 2019
A Field Ready candidate is significantly better prepared for the real working environment and the needs we have as a business than other graduates…they are just more employable.
Seth Johnson
Engineering Manager, Technip FMC
In terms of saving Enermech time, money, and hard work in finding good candidates, the programme has turned out to be extremely great. It’s been wonderful to meet such enthusiastic and dynamic Ghanaian engineers who are looking to start their future careers.
Ben Sawyer, Regional QHSE Manager
Africa / Ghana Operations Manager, Enermech
The Field Ready programme changed my life for the better. It gave me the chance to network with industry contacts and showcase my skills.
Teofilo Paulo
Mozambique Field Ready Alumni, 2018

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