Field Ready are experts in employability

Field Ready is the trading name of Getenergy Field Ready Limited (a UK company based near Oxford, United Kingdom). We form part of the Getenergy group.

Since 2004, Getenergy has pioneered new approaches to bringing together providers of education and training with industry on a global basis, for the purpose of developing employable national workforces.

We started life focused on the energy industry but soon realised that the techniques and networks we were building could positively impact the lives of people in a wide range of careers in many countries. We now work across many sectors including food processing, transport and logistics, IT and banking.

In 2015, with the help of our global community, we launched a pilot employability programme in Takoradi, Ghana. We wanted to see what it would take to produce a small group of highly employable graduates from a state technical university.

It was clear that they needed additional support on Applied Personal Skills, Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) training, applied technical skills and field experience. So, we assembled an Alliance of companies and government organisations to help. Within 12 months of graduating, all of the candidates were employed – many with glowing references and bright careers ahead of them.

Since then, we have expanded and further improved our programmes and business model. We are now active in more countries, worked with many more universities and colleges and are evolving into The Employability Platform.

We are always striving to reach more people, to help more companies find great people and support governments to ensure inward investment brings sustainable value to citizens and economies.


Peter Mackenzie Smith
1946 – 2020

Chairman and Co-Founder Getenergy Ltd 2004 – 2020

Chairman and Co-Founder Getenergy Field Ready Ltd 2015 – 2020

Peter was the Chairman and Co-Founder of Getenergy Field Ready Ltd. Together with Phil Andrews he shaped our ideas and supported a considered and thoughtful approach to tackling the gap between education and employment. He made a difference.

Peter’s early career was with the British Council in Africa before he assumed a global role with the organisation in the 1990s. He went on to be the Director of Education at GEC/Marconi (at the time one of the largest engineering companies in the world). Peter was then seconded by GEC into the British Government as a Trade and Export promoter and consultant on international education. In 2003, Peter met Phil at an education/industry meeting in Aberdeen. Shortly afterwards they formed Getenergy Ltd, a company which specialised in bringing the global energy and education industries together for 15 years.

In 2015, following the successful sale of the Getenergy Events business, Peter and Phil developed the concept of Field Ready – the employability platform. As was true of all their joint endeavours, the mission and purpose of the company was what drove them both to overcome all the obstacles in their way. They believed that just because something hadn’t been done before, there was no reason why it couldn’t work now, and built an exceptional team of people to execute the plan.

When all is said and done, Peter was a remarkable and a lovely man. His enthusiasm, knowledge, experience and engaging personality left a mark on everyone he met. Our team misses him every day. However, we remember his wisdom, humour and sense of purpose and that will never leave us as individuals or as close colleagues who care about what we do. Thank you, Peter.

Rest in Peace.