Our Purpose

Our role is to help educators to produce highly employable local people.

Employability is a description of the combination of technical knowledge, skills and qualifications, applied personal skills and field experience needed to secure productive employment.

A person’s employability is based on the assessment which employers make about whether they can hire a person with confidence, and trust that they will quickly contribute to the company’s business.

Optimising State Faculty & Institutions

The Field Ready system and our Alliance Members help state education and training institutions to produce highly employable young people for industry.


By unlocking the full potential of colleges and universities we enhance the life chances and well-being of people, and the success of companies around the world.

A Trusted Brand in Employability

We specialise in building trust between national and international companies and colleges, technical institutes and universities.


The GE FR programme is an 8 month industry supported job preparation training. The objective is to produce and commission graduates who are ready to be absorbed into industries to the satisfaction of their employers, hence the term, "Field Ready."

Vice Chancellor Reverend Professor John Frank Eshun

This is a special and unique gathering as it signifies that we have an institution such as the TTU which is committed to making government policies and agenda come into reality by training Ghanaians to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in the Oil and Gas industry. I want to thank Getenergy for the foresight and pray that its partnership with the TTU is forever solidified. I believe this would contribute immensely to the teeming desire for the Government to build the human capital base in the Oil and Gas industry.

Western Regional Minister of Parliament Ghana

The system is an innovative, focused approach to producing highly employable staff for industry from state education institutions.

DR K. K. Sarpong, MD GNPC Ghana