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Student Prospectus

What is Field Ready?

Field Ready is a training programme that will give you the knowledge, skills and attitudes that employers want. If you complete the Field Ready programme, you will be more able to find a job and do well when you start working. There are many companies who are looking for highly employable young who are ready to work. By joining Field Ready, you can be one of them.

Your experience of learning with Field Ready will be highly practical and hands-on.
You will learn how to do things as well as being given the knowledge you need to succeed. Field Ready will also give you personal skills training – this helps you with things like communication skills, working with others and solving problems. This means that when you complete the programme, you are prepared for working life.

The term ‘Field Ready’ describes a person who is highly employable and who is ready to make a positive contribution to their employer as soon as they start working. The ‘field’ can refer to any industrial location where graduates might work. This may be a food processing plants, a cement factory, an oil and gas rig or a brewery. If you are Field Ready, you are ready to work anywhere.

To be accepted onto the programme, you will need to complete a six-stage selection process. If you are successful, you will receive a scholarship from one of the companies that are involved in Field Ready Ghana. This scholarship pays for your fees, accommodation and expenses, meaning that you can participate freely in the programme.

Scholarships are paid for by companies looking to hire entry-level technicians and engineers. These companies are part of Field Ready because they want to support the employability of local young people. Students that complete the programme are usually employed by their sponsoring company or, in some cases, by another member of the Field Ready Alliance. This means that, as a Field Ready student, you have a very strong chance of being employed if you complete the programme and can demonstrate that you are Field Ready.

The Field Ready Alliance is a group of companies who believe in the Field Ready approach and who fund student scholarships.

The Field Ready programme

The Field Ready programme helps some of the brightest and most ambitious students to become highly employable and ready to start work in industry. The programme combines technical engineering, health, safety and environment training, applied personal skills and field experience. In non-English speaking countries, it will also include English language training.

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Final assessment

At the end of the programme, you will have a final assessment with the Field Ready Technical Commissioners. These are people who work for the companies in the Field Ready Alliance. The assessment is based on your performance over the whole of the programme. If Technical Commissioners are confident that you have the right level of knowledge, skills and behaviours, you will be commissioned (or approved) as ‘Field Ready’.

By being approved as Field Ready by the Technical Commissioners, you will have a powerful and unique reference that will help you achieve your career goals. Once you have graduated successfully from Field Ready, you will start work with your sponsoring company or with another company from the Field Ready Alliance.

Meet the Field Ready Technical Commissioners

Who is the Field Ready programme for?

Field Ready is designed for candidates who have recently completed an engineering qualification at degree, HND or medio-tecnico level 12.

If you are passionate, enthusiastic and hard working – and if you want to have a career in the industrial sector – then Field Ready is for you.

Top reasons to be a part of Field Ready

Field Ready offers students the chance to:

  • Develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours you need to be employed in the industrial sector
  • Have your tuition, accommodation and some living costs paid by one of the companies that supports Field Ready
  • Learn a wide range of practical engineering skills in mechanical, electrical and automotive disciplines
  • Gain valuable hands-on experience through field visits and work placements with companies who are part of the Field Ready Alliance
  • Build your Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) knowledge and understand how to be a safe and professional employee
  • Develop your personal skills so that you are able to behave in a professional way and can demonstrate the attitude and personality that employers are looking for
  • Be mentored by Technical Commissioners who are senior technical people who work for Field Ready Alliance companies
  • Be a part of the Field Ready programme that is supported by major national and international companies and government organisations
  • Join a team of other talented and ambitious students who will support each other and share their journey towards becoming Field Ready!

Student selection process

The Field Ready programme operates a competitive six-stage selection process. Our aim is to find the most promising engineering talent from across Ghana. That could be you!

Students are contacted via email after each of the six stages stage to inform them whether they have been successful. Successful applicants are then invited to the next stage. The six stages of the selection process are listed below:

  1. Applicants write a personal statement of no more than 250 words outlining why they would like to be part of the Field Ready programme
  2. They then complete an application form that asks about academic achievements and career aspirations
  3. Candidates then sit an engineering exam
  4. After this, applicants complete an exam in logic and reasoning
  5. Group interviews are then held involving Technical Commissioners and representatives from Field Ready
  6. Finally, candidates have one-to-one interviews with a Technical Commissioner to complete a final assessment of whether they are suitable to join Field Ready

What are we looking for?

The student selection process has been designed to assess whether you will do well as part of the Field Ready programme. We look at your academic achievement as well as your personal skills and your attitude. We look for candidates who are:

  • Eager to learn and ambitious for their career
  • Intelligent and capable with a good work ethic
  • Able to work well in a team, listen, make decisions and problem solve
  • Passionate about the opportunity Field Ready offers

Meet current Field Ready students


Applicants who are awarded a place on the Field Ready programme will receive a fully-funded scholarship to cover the costs of tuition, accommodation and some living costs. These scholarships are paid for by companies in the Field Ready Alliance.

Each scholarship pays for the following:

  • All tuition costs
  • Accommodation costs
  • Stipend (a monthly allowance) for food, water, laundry and other living expenses
  • Travel and insurance for field experience visits
  • Personal Protection Equipment including coveralls, protective glasses, gloves and footwear
  • A Field Ready branded polo shirt to wear at special events and at the graduation ceremony

Career prospects

Field Ready graduates are hired by major international or national companies from a range of sectors including oil and gas, energy, mining, food processing and transport.

If you graduate as ‘Field Ready’ you can expect to find a job quickly and start your careers as an entry-level engineer, technician or operator at an industrial plant, factory, port or oil and gas project site.

The programme is not intended to train those who want to work in an office.

See where our Field Ready graduates are now employed

Student bond agreement

If you join Field Ready you will be required to sign a legal agreement – the student bond – before starting the programme.

The student bond means that you must accept any job offer made by the company that sponsors you once you complete your studies. You must then stay in that job for a minimum of 12-months. If the sponsoring company doesn’t offer you a job, we will help you to find employment either with another member of the Field Ready Alliance or through our local recruitment partner.

Students who don’t comply with the bond agreement have to pay back the cost of their scholarship to Getenergy Field Ready Ltd.

This means that you should think very carefully about the career prospects that Field Ready offers and be confident that you want to work in those roles.