June 2019 marks a watershed moment in the Field Ready story. Sometimes you have to stand back and take a moment to recognise how far you’ve come. From that first group of 15 brilliant young students who started with us at TTU in Ghana in 2016, we are, barely three years later, on the verge of meaningful growth and rapid expansion.

At the time of writing, the Field Ready team is engaging with students, candidates, companies, governments, institutions and many others in Mozambique, Nigeria and Ghana. And our Managing Director Jack Pegram has just left Senegal. Four countries, all engaging with Field Ready, all hearing our message and all asking ‘how can we get involved?’.

In Ghana, our Programme Delivery team – Virginia Baker, Kim Dexter and Jim Playfoot – are overseeing the final commissioning for Cohort 2 and running student selection for Cohort 3 at the Takoradi Technical University. More than 20 companies are joining the team there as Field Ready grows and expands.

In Mozambique, our first cohort of 20 students continues to impress. This week, Jack is working with our brilliant local team to secure scholarships for the next cohort which will launch in February 2020. Hopes are high that we can double the number of students from Cohort 1.

And in Nigeria, our CEO and Chairman – Phil Andrews and Peter Mackenzie Smith – are mapping out our launch in Africa’s biggest economy, with a planned start date of September 2020. Interest is high and we are confident that Nigeria will prove a brilliant next step for us.

So we take a moment to recognise the progress we have made. But it is not the achievement of 7 people in a small office in Witney. It reflects the efforts of all the talented in-country teams who are our colleagues and friends, all the companies who support us and engage with us, all the committed instructors who deliver Field Ready programmes, the Vice Chancellors, Rectors and institution directors whose leadership and foresight make local programme delivery possible and, at the end of it all, the young people who work so hard to join our programmes and to become Field Ready. We all raise a glass to you, wherever we are.