Companies often seek to address cultural and behavioural challenges amongst their operational factory worker teams. These issues may include basic attitudes toward work, deference, asking questions, taking ownership, embracing an HSE mindset and taking initiative.

Industrial organisations require team members to be inquisitive, communicative and to have a ‘critical thinking’ mindset. Addressing these challenges will create an environment that further encourages productivity and lessens HSE risk.

Our ‘Optimising your factory worker team’ programme helps workers better communicate with each other and their managers, encourages a safe work environment, addresses attitudes and behaviours that can sometimes get in the way of performance, and reminds them of the personal benefits of standing out as a model employee. In short, the programme aims to support a cultural shift to a more positive work environment where both the company and the employees benefit.

The programme includes a set of learning modules that will give trainees a strong base of employability skills, those skills that a person needs for any job.

Although the programme would be beneficial for workers in any position, it is particularly well-suited to those who are working in entry-level or junior positions.

The programme can be adapted to meet your company’s needs, focusing on:

  • Deference and the way that junior staff interact with their managers.
  • Confidence and communication with particular focus on the skill of asking questions.
  • Stepping up, taking initiative, and becoming more responsible members of the team.
  • Embracing safety, adopting an HSE mindset and developing a culture of safety and productivity.