The programme includes our Applied Personal Skills and HSE programme as well as training in Applied Technical Skills, based around a highly practical set of learning experiences. The programme is often followed by an extended work placement with participating companies in the Field Ready Alliance.

As every company will have their own onboarding programmes and requirements, the Field Ready Complete programme does not train candidates for specific job roles. Rather, we prepare candidates with the transferable skills, the ability to understand instructions, follow procedures, problem solve and take responsibility, so they are ready to work across a variety of different roles.

The programme builds on the core engineering knowledge that the candidates already have and focuses on the following:

  • Giving every candidate the chance to learn about different types of tools, equipment, or practical approaches relevant to their expected job role.
  • Creating opportunities for candidates to learn how different pieces of equipment or approaches should be used and what the correct procedures are in each case.
  • Giving every candidate hands-on, applied experience, following safe working procedures as they do it.
  • Creating a space for candidates to reflect on their practical experiences back in the classroom, and to reinforce their learning as they do so.