The course is instructor-led, with live, online learning sessions once a week for 9 weeks and is flexible to fit into the shift patterns and busy work schedules of participants. It follows a unique learn/experience/reflect model that creates interactive learning opportunities for trainees and builds feedback and accountability into the learning journey.

Alongside weekly assignments, trainees are required to complete two Coaching Experiences, giving them the chance to apply what they have learned. At the end of the course, every trainee develops a Coaching Plan setting out how they intend to implement what was learned going forward.

We have worked with more than 30 companies to train and empower their technical people to become brilliant managers, building better businesses in the process.

Impact story

Coaching training for technical supervisors at energy service company

Coaching training for technical supervisors at energy service company

The company placed 22 mid-managers from technical disciplines onto a 16-week coaching training programme. The programme was a finalist in the company’s global awards. The training led to more confident and effective coaches and managers and was part of the company’s local succession plan. Each trainee developed a coaching plan, alongside a report from Field Ready with individual development recommendations.