Our APS programmes introduce Candidates to the key employability skills needed to thrive in work. The Applied Personal Skills Programmes we run are built around a set of learning modules that cover the following:

  • Understanding employability
  • Professional attitudes and behaviours
  • Core communication skills
  • Working effectively with other people
  • Solving problems and thinking critically
  • Becoming the ideal employee

Applied Personal Skills are the basis for employability. We have developed this programme in partnership with employers – they have told us what they are looking for in the people they recruit and we have created learning experiences that reflect their requirements.

What’s more, these skills are vital for every job role, as well as being critical for those looking to start a business. These are the transferable skills that will open doors and that will help Candidates to build a successful career.

APS trainees are generally those individuals who are looking to get their first job or are early in their career and looking to advance within their chosen field. We can adapt our APS programmes according to the requirements of the project or the specific demands of a sponsoring company.