Mozambique Instructors

Matola Industrial and Commercial Institute Instructors

Andrade Nhabinde
Andrade NhabindeLead Instructor, Matola
Leonardo Macauque
Leonardo MacauqueMatola
Ernesto Matola
Ernesto MatolaMatola
Benildo Magumane
Benildo MagumaneMatola
Andrade Manjate
Andrade ManjateMatola
Alberto Come
Alberto ComeMatola

Nampula Industrial and Commercial Institute Instructors

Arlindo da Costa Brazao
Arlindo da Costa Brazao Lead Instructor, Nampula
Pedro Uanita
Pedro UanitaNampula
Paulo Luciano Gavuna
Paulo Luciano GavunaNampula
Assane Aumrane
Assane AumraneNampula
Aleixo Giragieque
Aleixo GiragiequeNampula
Ahamada Ussene Ali
Ahamada Ussene AliNampula
Adriano Over
Adriano OverNampula