Victório Selemane Taibo Rafique

Sponsored by: HCB

Studied: Studied Mechanical Engineering

at Universidade Lúrio
Based at: Nampula

Quick Fire Questions

Your favorite film?
War Room
Your preferred superpower
Your greatest fear:
Finally – You have just won $1,000,000 – what is the first thing you buy?
I would buy my parents’ biggest wish or dream
Where in Mozambique did you grow up?
In Mozambique I grew up in the Province and City of Nampula, I have five brothers and one sister (the youngest). My father is an accountant and my mother is a trader.
What are your best memories from childhood?
One of the best memories of my childhood were the end of each workday. I used to go to my Father’s work so that when we returned, we would pass the bakery to buy bread and I always got an ice cream too! and spent time with him. When my younger sister and I got older, our mother gave us double parties on each birthday which made us very happy because we could be closer to our friends and cousins.
What do you think are the biggest challenges facing industry in Mozambique today?

I think that the biggest challenges facing industry at the moment is the lack of company support for new graduates. They do not trust that young people can be trained up to work just as well, if not better, than older employees. It would save money, resources and time if companies would trust national talent.

This is a great challenge that companies have been facing, but that has been improving, as in a few more years the Field Ready programme will prove the opposite.

How would your colleagues describe you?
Very comical, outgoing and polite

“It is a unique privilege to participate in the Field Ready Programme, as it gives me the opportunity and the right tools to be a qualified professional for the global and national industrial sector.”

How would you like your career to progress over the next 5 years?

Once ready for the Field, the next challenge is to grow, grow and grow by applying the skills developed in engineering, discovering new industrial potentials and being a valuable asset in any team that is working or leading.

In 5 years I want to have established my career in the industrial branch, gaining many field skills and become an expert in several areas of engineering.

I want to work in my country first, whatever the industrial challenge, especially in Energy Production Centers, Mining Industries and also Oil and Gas Platforms.

And in 10 years, I would like to run my own company so that I can employ and develop young talents. Wanting is Power!

What or who is your biggest inspiration?

My great inspiration are my Dad and Mum!

They have always been and continue to be an example to me. They have been together for years and have built a family with the values that they themselves have always cared for and have invested their lives in an honest and hard-working way to always give the best education to their children. I had the privilege of growing up with parents present, who encouraged me and did not miss a notebook and pen for me to go to school and because of that I want to be my parents to my future children.

What is your greatest achievement so far?
My biggest achievement so far is thanks to God being born, growing up and having the opportunity to spend my youth and achieve my goals and dreams as a boy with my family. To give them the privilege of seeing that it was worth their tireless investment in my education. Because I am what I am today, thanks to my family and I will achieve even greater things because they have dedicated themselves to investing in my education.
Why did you decide to study engineering? What do you enjoy about it?

Since I was a child I liked exact sciences, which is why in high school I followed a group that had Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Drawing.

But the decision to study engineering was inspired by one of my brothers who was studying engineering at the time, and whenever he came back from university, I would talk to him about engineering and observe the way in which he was respected by my parents, the way he faced the problems in society and the critical thinking he had and that’s when I decided to follow his steps because I identified myself with him.

What I like about engineering is that in addition to being challenging, it is not static and gives me the art of innovating every day, it simplifies things and every day shows me that I can always live in a safe world. Engineering took me out of fear of making mistakes and gave me attitude … She (engineering) is fascinating!

How would you encourage young people in Mozambique to study engineering?
It is true that not all young people should be engineers, but I would advise young people to do engineering because it will give them the ability to look at the world in a different way (more critical and designer), to deal with new technologies and make them multi-skilled and easily develop those talents in an industrial sector and in their day-to-day lives in the society where they are inserted.