Joarsse Joaquim

Sponsored by: HCB

Studied: Industrial Electrical Engineering at Industrial and Commercial Insitute Nampula

Based at: Nampula

Quick Fire Questions

Your favorite film?
The midnight sun
Your preferred superpower
To go back in time
Your greatest fear:
Finally – You have just won $1,000,000 – what is the first thing you buy?
My dream house and my dream car
Where in Mozambique did you grow up?
I grew up in Mozambique in the Nacala district, with my mother, my 3 sisters and my 4 brothers. My father passed away when I was just 3 years old and I didn’t have a chance to spend more time with him. My father was a forestry technician in agriculture and my mother is unemployed. Four of my siblings are now working, another is studying and the others are looking for jobs.
What are your best memories from childhood?
My favourite memories from when I was little are the conversations I had with my mother about my future; I remember promising her that one day she would be proud of me, the man I would one day become.
What do you think are the biggest challenges facing industry in Mozambique today?

I think that the biggest challenges that industries face are the lack of confidence in young graduates who have no experience in the labour market, but have knowledge that can contribute to the success of industries in Mozambique.

How would your colleagues describe you?
Ambitious, funny, generous, studious and attentive.

“The life of any goal consists of persistence, the death of any dream is called giving up. So no matter how difficult life is, I will be an electrical engineer.”

How would you like your career to progress over the next 5 years?

Over the next 5 years, I would like to have completed the Field Ready programme, and work in an energy related company with the other students from the programme. I hope I would have already created a solid career and acquired experiences that will allow me to occupy a leadership position.

I would like to work with a great team with young people from which I can learn more from them and teach. I also wish to travel abroad, thus gaining more experience in the engineering field to contribute to my country’s development.

What or who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is my mother, she is everything to me and my brothers and sisters. She has never left us missing anything, even with the biggest difficulties we have encountered since early on. She knew how to invest in her children’s studies, even though facing difficulties in a single parent family.

What is your greatest achievement so far?
My biggest achievement so far is having learned the English language and being part of the Field Ready programme.
Why did you decide to study engineering? What do you enjoy about it?

I decided to study engineering for reasons of multiple job opportunities and also to contribute to my country’s socio-economic development through new technologies that engineering can teach. This will give needy families access to new platforms to access electricity. My pride in engineering is the handling and distribution of electrical energy in the various sectors where it is needed in an easier and more economical way for consumers.

How would you encourage young people in Mozambique to study engineering?
I would encourage young people that engineering is a very important branch in the industrialization of a country in which it currently contributes to different sectors. As, for example, in the transport and distribution of electricity, it is necessary for young people to indulge in this engineering knowledge for the good of themselves and the industry.