Anselmo Capuchila

Sponsored By: SASOL

Studying at:Industrial and Commerical Institute, Matola, Mozambique

Quick Fire Questions

Favourite film/TV Programme
The Hitmans Bodyguard
Favourite colour
Favourite school subject
Favourite childhood toy
The toolbox
You’ve just won the lottery, what’s the first thing you will buy?
A house and a sports car!
Where in Mozambique did you grow up?
I grew up in Quelimane city, with my mum who is stays at home. My dad died when I was a baby. I have three brothers and two sisters, I like them very much and in the free moments I spent all the time playing with them.
What’s your most memorable childhood memory?
My favourite memory from my childhood is to play hide and seek with my mother and whenever I won she gave me sweet.
Who is your favourite music artist?
I like gospel music, such as Fernandinho, Damares and Marlon!

“I want to have knowledge in environmental management, electricity and mechanics and to contribute in the future development of my country. Over the next few years, I want to work in gas processing at one of the largest companies in Mozambique and to be recognized as a great high performance professional, producing extraordinary results and contributing power to the company, communities and the world.”

What would you like to be doing in 5 years time?
would like to travel around the world and get to know different cultures; I have a dream of being able to speak several languages like French and Russian. I have a great dream to create an organization in Mozambique and Africa as a whole, to help the children in need to realise their dreams.
What or who is your biggest inspiration?
My greatest inspiration is my mother, because she raised my brothers and I with very little. She always fought for us to have a good education despite the financial difficulties we have been through and I am very grateful to her for everything she did, she’s a hero to me.
My mum always had a dedication to put bread on the table and ensure she gave us the education we need, whilst becoming our father and mother at same time. The desire I have is to give to her a better life, and that is one reasons which makes me chase my dreams. Dona Rita, you are the best mother in the world – thanks for the strength, advice and for being my backup in all problems.
What is your biggest achievement to date?
My greatest achievement so far was to finish my degree in record time despite the biggest obstacles I faced.
Finally, what is your most hated food?
I hate cabbage, because it tastes sweet and I find it very horrible!