Instructor Development

Instructors – or teachers – at Licensed Institutes are principally responsible for delivering the Field Ready programme.

Part of Field Ready’s commitment to Licensed Institutes is our investment in the professional development of instructors to ensure that they have access to the training and experiences that will help them develop their skills. This has the following elements:

Instructor Support Consultants support instructors to deliver the Field Ready programme and provide ongoing mentoring to instructors. They are highly experienced members of the Field Ready team who are assigned to each Licensed Institution. These individuals have a wealth of industry experience and will give instructors training and support around course content, particularly on the HSE and applied personal skills components of the programme.

Instructor Development Programme delivered over three years. The Field Ready approach is based around the belief that employable graduates receive the best industrial training from dynamic and motivated Instructors. Part of this is to ensure that the learning experience is active, collaborative and engaging. The Instructor Development Programme includes training on teaching and learning techniques. This covers some of the latest thinking around how to make learning sessions as interactive and immersive as possible.

Dedicated HSE training from the Instructor Support Consultant to enable, with initial support, instructors to deliver the HSE programme to students. This is part of Field Ready’s sustainable approach to ensuring Licensed Institutions become self-sufficient delivering the programme.

Field placements and worksite visits will be arranged for both students and instructors. These are hosted by companies in the Field Ready Alliance in a range of industrial sectors. Instructors get the chance to interact with leaders and practitioners in industry and learn from their expertise and experience.

English language training (where required). In countries where English is not the first language, English language training is offered to all Field Ready Instructors. The aim is that after this three-year period, instructors will be able to deliver the Field Ready programme in a mix of their home language and English.