Evans Guase


Studied: Telecommunications Engineering at Ghana Technology University College

Logical Reasoning Score: 96%

Engineering Exam Score: 92%

Quick Fire Questions

Your favorite film?
The 3 idiots
Your preferred superpower
Your greatest fear:
You have just won the lottery, what’s the first thing you’ll buy?
I would buy several real estate properties.
Where in Ghana did you grow up?
I grew up in a town called Akosombo in the Eastern Region of Ghana. I have 2 sisters. My father works as an administrator and my mother is a seamstress.
What are your best memories from childhood?
My best memories from childhood has to be the times that I played football from sunrise to sunset with my friends during the holidays.
What do you think are the biggest challenges facing industry in Ghana today?
I think one of the biggest challenges facing industry in Ghana today is the lack of a new generation of employees and experts to replace the old ones that are reaching retirement age.
Another challenge is balancing maintenance with throughput.
How would your colleagues describe you?
My colleagues would describe me as a calm, hard-working and reliable person who is also dynamic.

“I would love to be able to inspire and help develop the skills, attitudes and competencies of young engineers to enable them to reach professional excellence.”

How would you like your career to progress over the next 5 years?
In 5 years’ time, I would like to learn and develop my skills, expertise and competencies by learning from more experienced people in industry because I believe this will help prepare me for a high level management role. It is also my desire to be in a technical lead role in reputable company with a team to lead and manage with my skills and expertise.
What or who is your biggest inspiration?
My parents are my biggest inspiration. They inspired me to believe that every challenge that is faced can be solved, and to be able to solve it, one must think and plan accordingly in order to achieve solutions that work.
What is your greatest achievement so far?
My biggest achievement so far is working with my partner to design and construct a battery monitoring system that could monitor temperature, voltage and current and send them via text message to a remote administrator’s phone.
Why did you decide to study engineering? What do you enjoy about it?
I decided to study engineering because it offers exciting career opportunities and allows one to be creative and innovative in finding solutions that impact lives.
I especially enjoy the fact that it never gets boring. There are always new challenges and situations that require creativity and innovation.
How would you encourage young people in Ghana to study engineering?
I would ask them to participate in every hands-on learning opportunity that comes along because it gives them something unique to show a prospective employer. This is also the best way to retain the knowledge learnt in class and boost their interpersonal skills.