Emmanuel Dadzie

Studied: Electrical at Takoradi Technical University

Logical Reasoning Score: 92%

Engineering Exam Score: 83%

Quick Fire Questions

Your favorite film?
Your preferred superpower
To read people’s minds
Your greatest fear:
To be average
You have just won the lottery, what’s the first thing you’ll buy?
An apartment and rent it out.
Where in Ghana did you grow up?
I grew up in a community in Sekondi-Takoradi. We are 4 siblings in all, I am the only boy amongst 3 amazing sisters. My father is a building contractor by profession and my mother is a business woman trading in personal care, home care and kitchen wares
What are your best memories from childhood?
My best childhood memory was learning to ride a bicycle.
What do you think are the biggest challenges facing industry in Ghana today?

A gap that has developed over the years between education and the industry includes;

  • Students trained with outdated knowledge and skills in schools
  • Graduates are lacking the right skills and competences required by the industry
  • Costs involved in training new graduates than employing an existing worker for the job
How would your colleagues describe you?
I love solving challenges and also like to see the good in things and people as well; therefore, they would say I am positive and innovative.

“The link between education and industry competence is Field Ready. I want to be a resourceful leader in industry who makes things happen”

How would you like your career to progress over the next 5 years?
Over the upcoming years, I would like to grow into a competent and experienced engineer leading others into the industry both in Africa and overseas, whilst impacting them to pick up new challenges and roles to lead others on.
What or who is your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration is my father; he gave me the tools, values and mindset to live differently and the opportunity to explore and learn new things.
What is your greatest achievement so far?
Getting to be selected for the FIELD READY experience, it’s an awesome one – military grade
Why did you decide to study engineering? What do you enjoy about it?
I enjoy seeing how machines work; they mystify me. I like to learn about them, fix them and see them function well. I studied engineering for this reason.
How would you encourage young people in Ghana to study engineering?
  • Always learn outside the box
  • Read a lot on the happenings in the industry
  • Build a close relationship with industry personnel
  • Avail yourself to platforms that build you in a different way eg. Field Ready
  • Work at centers that give industrial training eg. attachment