We are currently facing a global coronavirus pandemic, with over 1.2 million confirmed cases around the world*. In Ghana and in Mozambique there are currently a low number of cases. However, it is clear from neighbouring countries and from the rest of the world that the pandemic is likely to have a greater impact. For the small number of people that become seriously ill from the coronavirus, ventilators – that take over the body’s breathing process when a person’s lungs fail – offer the best chances of survival. However, as we have seen in many places such as the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain, even with strong healthcare systems, there are simply not enough ventilators to cope with the number of severely ill people from the virus.

Field Ready students have already demonstrated that they are amongst their country’s highest potential engineering talent.

Alumni and current students are now participating in the Field Ready Ventilator challenge, to design a prototype mechanical ventilator, which could be easily built and scaled if conditions allow. Working in small teams across two countries, they will work to create a design which will be judged by medical and engineering experts from around the world.

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*Cases confirmed as of April 6th 2020.