Field Ready Programme

The Field Ready programme is designed to support some of the brightest and most able students to become highly employable and ready to start work in industry. It is comprised of 4 core elements: the technical programme; the HSE programme; the applied personal skills programme; and field placements. There is also English language training in non-English speaking locations.

Technical programme

  • Provides learners with the technical knowledge and skills they need to be employed in the industrial sector
  • Combines theoretical and practical technical training across different engineering disciplines
  • Core content usually based on nationally approved units of study already taught at Licensed Institutes
Soloman PPE Oil Rig

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) programme

  • Provides learners with the critical safety skills, knowledge and behaviours needed for any industrial sector job
  • Focus not only on teaching the core principles and procedures of HSE but also on promoting an HSE culture and developing an HSE mindset
  • Alliance Partners and Associates can contribute to the overall HSE education of Field Ready students, for example by delivering guest lectures

Applied personal skills programme

  • Designed to give learners the employability skills, attitudes and behaviours they need to flourish in the workplace.
  • Includes professional communication skills, teamwork, problem solving and leadership
  • All components of the Field Ready programme are augmented by on-going personal skills reinforcement activities throughout.
Enermech visit 2A

Field experience

  • Designed to give students exposure to real working environments in multiple industrial sectors
  • Allows students to see how their theoretical knowledge and applied learning from the classroom or workshop applies to a live field site context
  • Companies in the Field Ready Alliance host placements for students and instructors

English language training (if required)

  • Designed to bring learners up to a good basic level of English proficiency (to a standard required by international companies recruiting entry-level staff)
  • Delivered by a local partner