Field Ready Mozambique hosted their second annual Alliance meeting in Maputo on 30 January 2020. Field Ready Alliance meetings serve as an important platform to support our Partners’ aspirations for developing a national workforce in Mozambique.

We welcomed H.E. Gabriel Ismael Salimo, Minister of Science and Technology Higher Education and Technical and Vocational Education for the opening address. His Excellency stated that:

“Business competitiveness in the country (Mozambique), the region and around the world, has forced companies to seek at all costs labour that can ensure good quality of work and satisfactory compliance with deadlines for their customers, even if it means resorting to hiring foreign workers or national technicians who are working in companies the same industry. Thus, we hope that through the Field Ready Mozambique Programme, we can contribute so that our companies do not systematically need to resort to similar procedures in order to obtain high quality technicians.”

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Technical Commissioner for Sasol Francisco Auguato gave an in-depth presentation on their contribution towards skills development in Mozambique and good debate continued from all participants relating to this topic.

We thank all attendees for their valuable insights and contributions to the discussions.