Field Ready helps employers to develop and access a highly effective workforce.

A Field Ready employee is someone who has the right attitude towards work, who takes responsibility, is willing and able to learn, is a great communicator and team player. They also have the practical, technical and personals skills required to be a safe, productive, flexible and highly effective member of your team.

Our simple platform of programmes, learning experiences and resources help your company to enhance the contribution made by new and existing members of your team. Together, we prepare people for successful careers.

Through membership of a Field Ready Alliance, your company can:

  • Enrol staff on training programmes to drive team and business performance
  • Enable technical or managerial staff to become expert mentors and assessors via our ‘Technical Commissioner’ training and activities
  • Access exceptional new employees from our national database of Field Ready candidates

Our entry-level Alliance membership option is free. You can also join as a Premium or Corporate Member.

The training we offer to your Technical Commissioner is funded by Alliance membership contributions and is free at the point of use. There’s also no restriction on the number of Technical Commissioners we can train.

We are government and industry backed. We have an impressive track record and we work with trusted university and college partners in each country.

Now, more than ever, the productivity, commitment and skills of your people are critical to achieving your business objectives.

It’s time to join your local Field Ready Alliance.

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National Partners

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The Alliance and Technical Commissioners

The Alliance is a group of leading employers and government organisations. Together they define excellence in workforce employability skills, standards and attitudes. The Alliance meets formally on an annual basis.

Members nominate one or more senior employee(s) to become a Field Ready Technical Commissioner.

Technical Commissioners ensure that the content of all employability and staff development programmes are relevant to immediate business needs.

Programmes are available to our Members as well as to external candidates who self-fund their enrolment. All external candidates have completed a formal education and are seeking employment across a range of disciplines and sectors.

External candidates are available for our members to hire directly, or via an approved HR agency if preferred.

Internal candidates enrol on our skills development programmes and learn ‘on-the-job’, bringing their new skills back into your business.

In return for their time commitment, Technical Commissioners derive significant personal and professional benefit from representing their company on our platform. They too bring skills back into your organisation which can save time and money on other training interventions.

Meet Our Technical Commissioners


As an Alliance Member, you can use Field Ready to save time and money, by:

Motivating and empowering your existing staff to improve their applied personal skills, coach one another and take more responsibility in your organisation.

Joining the network of Technical Commissioners who are senior industry and business professionals, sharing experience and know-how from many different companies and sectors.

Managing your new employee selection through our database of Field Ready candidates.

Membership Options

Alliance Member

  • Nominate one or more Technical Commissioner(s) for free training
  • Access programmes, candidates, learning experience and resources

Premium Member

  • Nominate one or more Technical Commissioner(s) for free training
  • Free and priority access to candidates
  • Discount on Field Ready programmes, learning experiences and resources

Corporate Member

  • Nominate one or more Technical Commissioner(s) for free training
  • Priority access to candidate selection and programme places
  • Government recognition as a Field Ready Employer
  • Significant discounts across all services and programmes
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Field Ready Professional Programmes

Field Ready Professional Programmes offer employers world-class training opportunities for their people. We have developed these programmes in partnership with our Alliances across the countries where we operate to ensure they are fit for purpose.

The Programmes are either delivered at your offices, at one of our partner institutions or online.

We run Professional Programmes every month meaning your staff will learn with and from other professionals as they progress. Alternatively, we can deliver a bespoke programme for your business. All of our Professional Programmes include the following elements:

  • A series of live learning sessions facilitated by our trainers focusing on active, collaborative learning
  • Interaction with our Technical Commissioners who will co-deliver learning sessions
  • A set of learning experiences that trainees will be required to complete within their workplace and that reinforce learning
  • Reflection and coaching sessions with our trainers that build learning outcomes
  • A final trainee report that sets individual targets for the trainee as they build their career with you

Each of our Professional Programmes are assessed through assignments that are individually marked. Trainees who attend all sessions and workshops and who successfully complete their assignments will be awarded a Field Ready Certificate that is recognised across our Alliance and beyond.

If you would like you learn more about Field Ready Professional Programmes, click on the links below.

We currently offer the following training programmes that can be adapted and shaped to your needs

Advanced Communication Skills

This programme is based on our Applied Personal Skills modules and is designed to help organisations build the capacity of their people to become more effective communicators.

Course Details

Become a Field Ready Coach and Mentor

This programme offers both practical guidance and personal skills training to support learners to become more effective coaches, mentors and managers.

Course Details

Become a Field Ready Supervisor

This programme offers both practical guidance and personal skills training to support early career staff to progress into more senior positions.

Course Details