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Programme overview

The Become a Field Ready Supervisor Programme offers both practical guidance and personal skills training to support early career staff to progress into more senior positions. By taking this programme you will:

  • Develop the essential skills, knowledge and behaviours to be more effective as a more senior member of staff
  • Understand better how to manage other people
  • Develop a clear understanding of what is expected of a manager/supervisor

The programme strengthens your business by:

  • Helping early- and mid-career hires to take greater responsibility for their work and for the business as a whole
  • Creating a pipeline of capable, responsible young employees who are ready to take the next step
  • Reducing the risk of fast promotion of high potentials

The programme is designed to be used with younger members of staff who have shown the ambition and initiative to rise up the business but who need additional training in order to become effective supervisors.

What you will learn

The Become a Field Ready Supervisor Programme is organised into three modules, with all elements being tailored to company requirements:

Helping learners to understand what it means to take the next step in their career; what taking on a supervisor role involves and what the expectations on them will be. This first module explores key topics and establishes the targets for the programme. Includes:

  • Understanding your ambition and motivation
  • Setting yourself positive and realistic targets
  • Playing to your strengths and being aware of your weaknesses
  • Understanding the change in role
  • The expectations your business and your manager will have

This builds on the first module and focuses on drawing out the leadership skills of the candidates, ensuring they have what it takes to succeed in more senior roles. Includes:

  • What does it mean to take the initiative?
  • When to lead, when to listen
  • Becoming the responsible employee
  • Managing other people successfully

The final module looks at some of the more advanced skills that elevate individuals to be great supervisors. There is a focus on reporting up, having a personal development plan and setting/reaching goals. Includes:

  • Working with – and reporting to – those above you
  • Being fair, unbiased and honest
  • Having a personal development plan

The learning experience

The Become a Field Ready Supervisor Programme can be configured to your specific needs or your staff can join our quarterly scheduled classes. The full programme – which we describe below – is around 48 hours. This includes 20 hours face to face training, virtual interactions, assignments, assessments and follow up.

The full 48 hour programme is typically run across a 1 month period to take account of the time constraints of employees who need to continue to work through the training. That month is organised as follows:

Launching of the Programme

This will be done either at the training location of your choice or at one of our partner institutions; it can also be run online if required.

Face to face training for module 1 & assignments

There are around 5 hours of face to face training involved in the delivery of Module 1. Following completion of this initial training (which typically takes place over a single day), all trainees will be given assignments to complete.

Module 1 feedback/face to face training for module 2 & assignments

There will be a further 5 hours of face to face training involved in the delivery of Module 2. Trainee assignments will focus on paired learning and practical experience-based interactions.

Module 2 feedback/face to face training for module 3 & assignments

The feedback and training session at the start of week 3 will be 5 hours. Trainee assignments in week 3 will build on Module 3 training themes.

Final feedback, coaching session, final assessment and completion of programme

The final week sees face to face feedback sessions on the paired learning experiences, a group coaching session (5 hours) and the completion of a final assessment which is written and interview-based.

Programme Dates
This course includes
  • 48 hours of learning

  • Instructor-led Learning
  • Video Content

  • Experience-based Assignments

  • Final Assessment

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