Education Partners

We work with colleges, universities and other education organisations to provide the best quality learning experiences to our learners. We also believe that local partnership is the key to success, for our candidates and for the employers we work with.

Our Field Ready Complete programmes are run, under licence, by state universities, colleges and technical institutes. These institutes are supported, over time, to deliver the Field Ready programmes. We invest in the development of teachers and instructors.

We also work with partner institutions to deliver parts of our shorter professional programmes. And we continually engage with government agencies, NGOs and other education organisations to align what we do within a national context.

In Ghana, Takoradi Technical University is licensed to deliver the Field Ready Complete Programme and we have worked with them since 2017. We are also developing partnerships with the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) and have plans to expand our partner and licensed institutions in Ghana over the coming months.

In Mozambique, we have licensed the Matola Industrial and Commercial Institute and the Nampula Industrial and Commercial Institute to deliver Field Ready Complete. And we are working with IFPELAC, DINET and the Ministry of Science and Technology to ensure our programmes are aligned to national frameworks.

In Nigeria, we are working to licence a number of institutions and have recently signed an agreement with Yaba College of Technology. We plan to launch the first Field Ready Complete Programme – under licence at Yaba Tech – in 2021.

“The Field Ready system equips my instructors with specific skills, knowledge and produce highly employable graduates who are hired by industry.”

Vice Chancellor,
Takoradi Technical University

Our Partners