2 September

Job role localisation in the oil and gas industry: A case study of Ghana

2019-08-23T14:29:44+01:00September 2nd 2019 6:00 AM|Publication|

Managing Director of Field Ready Jack Pegram has written a paper aiming to analyse the viability of localising particular job roles, employing a systematic decision support approach for specific job roles and further investigating the result of early investment in the training and development of local people [...]

13 August

Edulearn 2019 Publication – Evaluating the Impact of Field Ready

2019-08-23T14:27:50+01:00August 13th 2019 3:25 PM|Publication|

Article written by our Head of Programme Delivery - Jim Playfoot and Director of Programmes - Virginia Baker. Published in the proceedings of Edulearn 2019 EVALUATING THE IMPACT OF FIELD READY: A NEW MODEL OF EMPLOYABILITY FOR STATE INSTITUTIONS IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD J. Playfoot1, V. Baker2 [...]