9 March

Mozambique Cohort 2 Launches in Matola and Nampula

2020-03-06T23:06:15+00:00March 9th 2020 6:00 AM|Matola, Mozambique, Nampula|

We are so excited to launch Mozambique cohort 2 today!, at the Industrial & Commercial Institutes Matola and Nampula. Out of over 600+ applications and 6 different stages of exams and interviews, we are proud to introduce the newest select group of students who will be joining this innovative [...]

21 October

First graduation ceremony of the Field Ready Mozambique program

2019-10-21T11:23:47+01:00October 21st 2019 11:18 AM|Matola, Mozambique, Nampula, Press Release|

Original article: https://clubofmozambique.com/news/first-graduation-ceremony-of-the-field-ready-mozambique-program-144588/ Field Ready is an intensive employability programme that prepares people with the skills needed to work in industry. It is supported by the Mozambican Government. The programme is overseen by the Field Ready Alliance, which includes HCB, Anadarko/Total, Port of Maputo, Sasol, Kenmare Resources, National Authority [...]

11 July

Vale Mining visits Field Ready in Nampula

2019-07-18T19:34:26+01:00July 11th 2019 7:33 PM|Mozambique, Nampula|

On 1st July 2019, a team from Vale Mining visited the Field Ready programme at the Commercial and Industrial Institute Nampula. They were received by faculty, Field Ready students and Mozambique Country Chairman, Gilberto Botas. Field Ready students gave a presentation beginning with the safety aspects during the session, HSE, [...]

20 February

Field Ready Mozambique Commences First Programme

2019-02-20T22:34:35+00:00February 20th 2019 10:34 PM|Matola, Mozambique, Nampula|

Field Ready Mozambique looks forward to the first programme commencing on Monday 25th February 2019 at the Industrial and Commercial Institute Matola and the Industrial and Commercial Institute Nampula.We thank the Directors and instructors from each Institute for their guidance, support and encouragement for the Field Ready programme. Pictured [...]

4 February

Mozambique Institutes sign Field Ready Licence Agreements

2019-02-04T18:26:54+00:00February 4th 2019 6:26 PM|Matola, Mozambique, Nampula|

On Monday 28th January 2019 and Thursday 31st January 2019, the Matola Industrial and Commercial Institute and Nampula Industrial and Commercial Institute respectively signed Licence agreements with Field Ready. Representing Matola Industrial and Commercial Institute was Institute Director Amosse Ernão Mabunda and representing Nampula Industrial and Commercial Institute was Institute [...]