What is Field Ready?

Being Field Ready means that you are someone who has the right attitude towards work, who takes responsibility, is willing and able to learn, is a great communicator and team player. You also have the practical, technical and personals skills required to be a safe, productive, flexible and highly effective member of your team.

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Available Candidate Courses

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Joining Field Ready helps you to 

  • Stand out from the crowd in a competitive job market

  • Be more likely to secure your first job or next career move with a great employer

  • Connect with potential employers and receive mentorship from senior representatives of companies in the Field Ready Alliance

  • Improve your chances of being fast-tracked onto further training, personal development or promotion

  • Get the skills and connections you need to start your own business and become a successful entrepreneur

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How is Field Ready different?

We are a global platform that offers world class employability training. We link aspiring young people with employers who are committed to investing in your development and growth.

Through Field Ready you will

  • Unlock world class learning experiences to boost your employability or progress your career
  • Access training programmes that are designed and delivered in partnership with our network of senior industry professionals – ‘Technical Commissioners’ – from companies in the Field Ready Alliance, connecting you to companies that might employ you
  • Take the next step on your journey from education to employment. Your candidate profile will be seen by respected managers from companies and brands which are known throughout the world

The Field Ready difference

  • We are not a job site or recruiter. We are a community of people committed to helping you become employable and see you progress and develop

  • We are not interested in just adding you to a database – we work hard to understand what you can do and what you need to make you as employable as you can be
  • We are not a faceless corporation. Our presence is local and we endeavour to build personal relationships with every candidate

Learning with Field Ready

When you join one of our training programmes, you will see the difference straight away.

Whether you are learning online, at one of our partner institutions or with your employer, all of our training programmes offer you the following:

  • Learning content that has been designed with industry to ensure that what you learn is up to date and relevant
  • Learning sessions that are always live, led by one of our experienced instructors and fully interactive, giving you the chance to contribute and learn with others
  • Learning that drives you towards real, practical experiences (not just knowledge or theory) – we believe that you learn best by doing so all of our programmes ensure you get learning experiences that really build your competency

We also believe that face to face training – where learners are together with trainers, experts and other trainees – is the best way to build employability. As a result of COVID-19, we are adapting to ensure that even when we can’t be in the same room as you, you still get the same level of engagement and the same high-quality learning experience. This means

  • We use a range of technologies – including Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, LinkedIn and WhatsApp – to deliver live instructor-led learning and to keep you connected
  • We treat you as individuals – we get to know you and communicate regularly with you to make sure you are making the most of your learning
  • We make sure you become part of a live community, helping you to learn from others, build your network and maximise your employability

If you search online, you will find millions of courses available at the click of a button. This type of eLearning usually gives you access to pre-recorded videos, digital learning materials and simple self-assessments. Learning with Field Ready is different. Our industry-designed, instructor-led programmes generate real results because you are learning with others, you are active and engaged and you get personalised feedback on your progress.

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Our Field Ready Experts

Since our first programme in Ghana in 2015, senior industry professionals have mentored and commissioned our candidates as ‘Field Ready’.

We call these people Technical Commissioners. They all have years of experience and are nominated by the top management of their companies.

What does a Technical Commissioner do?

Technical Commissioners help to design the content of our programmes to ensure the skills, attitudes and experiences you learn are what employers want

Technical Commisioners help to deliver our programmes and learning experiences such as online workshops, guest lectures, industry site visits and practice interviews

For candidates on our Field Ready Complete and Advanced Level programmes, they provide mentoring and certify each candidate

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We are a global platform that offers world class employability training. We link aspiring young people with employers who are committed to investing in your development and growth.

Sign up and receive lifetime access to the Field Ready platform

Registration is free providing you a lifetime membership of the platform and access to our training programmes. You will also receive our Employability Guide and will be able to attend our monthly live webinars on how to become more employable.

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Read the Field Ready Employability Guide

Once registered you will be sent your personal login details for the candidate area of the website and a link to join your first ‘introduction to employability’ workshop. You’ll also receive access to our Employability Guide which is packed with tips and advice from our industry partners about how to build your employability and boost your career.

Log in and access your Field Ready Candidate Dashboard

Log in to the candidate area of the Field Ready website to build your candidate profile.

Your profile will need to include all of your personal information, a photograph, education history and work experience. You can edit your profile at anytime with new achievements, qualifications or other additional information. The more complete your profile, the more attractive you are to employers. Your profile is also downloadable in a CV format that you can use for job applications.

We are a global platform that offers world class employability training. We link aspiring young people with employers who are committed to investing in your development and growth.

Field Ready Candidate Programmes

Field Ready Candidate Programmes are open to anyone who has joined the Field Ready platform as an Individual Member. The Programmes are designed to help you develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours that will improve your chances at getting that interview, getting a job and being successful in your career.

The Programmes are delivered online or face to face (depending on where you live) and as a learner you will join a group of other learners taking the same programme as you. All of our Candidate Programmes include the following elements:

  • A live introduction session with one of our trainers, setting out expectations and introducing you to your fellow learners
  • A series of live learning sessions facilitated by our trainers where you will listen, interact with others and learn by doing
  • The opportunity to learn from our Technical Commissioners who will deliver live workshops
  • A set of learning experiences that you will be required to complete in your own time and that are designed to reinforce your learning
  • A collection of learning resources that will help you to build your employability

Each of our Candidate Programmes are assessed through assignments that are individually marked. As a learner, you will have to submit your assignments to Field Ready and you will then receive feedback. Learners who attend all sessions and workshops and who successfully complete their assignments will be awarded a Field Ready Certificate that is recognised by our Alliance.

If you would like you learn more about Field Ready Candidate Programmes, click on the links below.

Field Ready Candidates can enrol on any of the following programmes

Applied Personal Skills Foundation Programme

This Programme will introduce you to the key employability skills you need to thrive in work. Applied personal skills are the qualities, attributes and character traits that demonstrate who you are as a person.

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Applied Personal Skills Advanced Programme

Once you have completed the Applied Personal Skills Foundation Programme, you qualify to take the Advanced Level Programme. This Programme takes your employability to the next level and develops the core qualities, attributes and character traits you need to thrive in work.

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The Field Ready Complete Programme is an intensive employability programme, delivered with partner universities and colleges. This programme gives you the technical and commercial knowledge and expertise alongside a work placement and applied personal skills training you need to thrive in work.

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