Our approach has been developed after more than 20 years of experience in understanding and building relationships between industry, education and government.

Stage 1: Alliance formed

  • Alliance Partners and Associates sign the Field Ready Alliance Charter
  • Each company appoints a senior technical member of staff as their Technical Commissioner
  • Principles of the programme and a common definition of what makes someone employable are agreed
  • Alliance approves the timeline for programme delivery

Stage 2: Programme definition

  • Approval of programme content by Technical Commissioners with the Field Ready team:
    • Technical programme
    • Health, safety and environment programme
    • Applied personal skills
    • Field experience
    • English language training (where required)
  • Technical evaluation of education institution completed and reviewed

Stage 3: Licensing and preparation of Institute

  • Institute approved and licensed
  • Six-stage student selection process identifies brightest and most able candidates for the programme
  • Number of scholarships confirmed, and students enrolled
  • Instructor development programme commences

Stage 4: Programme delivery

  • Quality assurance of programme, teaching and student outcomes through monitoring and evaluation processes
  • Technical Commissioners regularly engage with students and lead final commissioning process at the end of the programme
  • Field Ready graduates ready to hire